written by: Jacob A. Ware, Trish Harnetiaux
directed by: Trish Harnetiaux
cast: Anthony Arkin, Jacob A. Ware

“If Monty Python gets your goat, if great writing is your jam, if superb cinematography gets your engine revved, then You Wouldn’t Understand will make complete sense as a viewing experience.”         -Reel News Daily

Top 10 Sundance 2021 shorts -#NativeNerd

Top 10 Films of 2020 -That Shelf

“...this offbeat little film is an utter delight, featuring pitch-perfect comedic performances...You Wouldn’t Understand is an unassuming little gem that knows exactly what is...You Wouldn’t Understand was, for me, a festival highlight.” -Slug Magazine

“The film specializes in the strange and at no point takes the action on screen too seriously. It’s silly and ridiculous, yet it remains mesmerizing to the very end. The twist comes out of nowhere. The more You Wouldn’t Understand commits to the sudden sci-fi premise, the more the movie shines as an outright absurdist comedy.” -Film Threat

“It's a bold, surprising, witty sci-fi tale in which nothing is quite what it seems. Stylishly shot and sharply acted, You Wouldn't Understand is grade-A short filmmaking.” -The Aisle Seat

"Want to know the coolest part, though? Those repeat viewings that you won’t be able to resist will lead you to the framework of a story that has the potential to be incredibly dark and deep. It’s been some time since I’ve seen something that leaves you wanting more so strongly." -Get On My Damn Level



created/written by: Jacob A. Ware
directed by: Amanda Cowper
cast: Layla Khosh, Becca Blackwell, Eddie Diaz, Jacob A. Ware

“An endearingly offbeat series.” -Decider

“They keep me wanting to watch.” -Bleeding Cool

“I really want to see where this goes.” -Unseen Films

Driver Ed thrives on its subtlety. The series is filled with clever sight gags that accentuate a well-constructed script. This is, overall, a smartly crafted piece of work, and we can only hope that more is on the way.” -Tubefilter

“Rather than playing into tired web series tropes, Driver Ed taps into something totally unique. There aren’t lame, hokey jokes, or predictable encounters, but some surprisingly surreal comedy that works. There’s a melancholy humor to it all, an embracing of offbeat tendencies that is equally immersive and alienating – but it all works.” -Decider

“A woke variation on witty web programming in the age of content overload.” -Quiet Lunch

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written/directed by: Jacob A. Ware, Trish Harnetiaux
cast: Anthony Arkin, Emily Davis, Jacob A. Ware


created/written by: Jacob A. Ware, Kate Dearing
cast: Kate Dearing, Jacob A. Ware


comedy collective: Jacob A. Ware, Trish Harnetiaux, Anthony Arkin
with sketches featuring: Sasheer Zamata, Negin Farsad, Jess Barbagallo